Enter a new case

Posted on: January 25, 2008, 5:35 pm

To enter a new case select the new case option after you have logged in using your username and password you have received after registration in your e-mail box.

Click on "Submit a Case" in the menu bar.

Give a title and a clear description of your findings of the case in the window of the page. In addition, clearly describe the symptoms of the patient and/or problems you have encountered. This way your colleagues are enabled to draw the proper conclusions, which they can reflect in their comments they can give after clicking "post a reply".

After having given a clear description you can enter the link to the Virtual Microscopic image on the Internet. If you do not have a Virtual Microscope with Internet capabilities you can send the glass slide containig the histology to Erasmus MC for scanning and hosting the image. Therefore you need to follow the Send in glass slide for scanning procedure

After the case has been thoroughly discussed it can be closed. The closed cases can together with the comments be used as a reference set. This reference set can also be used for educational purposes. The reference set will be kept in a separate section called "closed cases" of the OECI Histopathology Forum.