Scanning Procedure

Posted on: January 25, 2008, 5:33 pm

In case you do not have a Virtual Microscope with Internet capabilities, the glass slides can be send to the Nanozoomer at Erasmus MC for scanning.

Wrapping the glass slide:
Before sending the slides, extra care must be taken to avoid breaking of the glass during transport. Therefore, the glass slide needs to be wrapped in a container supporting the slides and then send in an envelope containing soft protection like the well known little plastic bubbles filled with air.

Return envelope:
If the slide needs to be returned to your lab, please enclose a return envelope with the proper return address and the proper amount of stamps on it for the return to sender trip.
Glass slides without the proper return envelope will not be returned. It is of course preferred a new glass slide is prepared that need not be returned.

Cover letter:
Please enter a cover letter stating the slide needs to be scanned for publication on the OECI Histopathology Forum and in which you send me information on the slide number, the code you prefer for publication, the title of the case on the OECI Histopathology Forum and the desired objective magnification 20x (in most cases more than sufficient) or 40x. If no magnification is given 20x will be the default value. If no link is given between the glass slide and the title, it is of no use to scan the slide. Since no identifiable patient data may be published on the Internet a random number given by the scanner, or preferably the code number you gave in your letter will replace the PA number. So the only link I have is the title of the case and a code number. Please also provide your e-mail address in the letter so I can contact you in case of a problem.

The address to send the carefully wrapped glass slide(s) with cover letter and return envelope properly addressed and stamped:

Peter Riegman
Josephine Nefkens Institute Be 235b
Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam
PO box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

The glass slide will be scanned and the link of the Virtual Microscope placed on the OECI Histopathology Forum case.